Upcoming Noteables Concerts2023-Spring-Concert-Announcement

Our spring concert series, “Earth Songs” will take place May 5-7. This season, artistic director, Linda Taylor, is collaborating with Singer/Pianist/Director Rebecca Poos. The Noteables will be presenting a program focused on our role as stewards of the Earth. The concert will include songs that celebrate our musical and spiritual connection to the rivers, mountains, forests and oceans. The versatile musical selections will remind us that our world is fragile and precious. They will bring awareness to our integral role of finding balance, connection and common ground with each other in order to bring peace to the planet.

Though the theme sounds very serious, we will intersperse lively numbers with the more reflective ones. Our talented instrumentalists will accompany us on drums, bass, trumpet, flute, violin, and guitar.

Selections include Harry Belafonte’s calypso Turn the World Around; Irving Berlin’s Blue Skies; Celtic Thunder's A Place in the Choir and the hilarious The Picnic Of the World. More contemplative songs encompass Just One Planet, We Can Plant A Forest, and Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World. Also included will be selections from Native American and Celtic tradition.


  • Friday, May 5, 7:00pm at Clearview Community Church, 457 Rodeo Road, Buena Vista.
  • Saturday, May 6, 7:00pm at United Methodist Church, 228 E.4th Street, Salida.
  • Sunday, May 7, 3:00pm at Salida SteamPlant, W. 220 Sackett Ave

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