The Noteables and You’ve Got Male Getting Ready!

The Noteables (women) and You’ve Got Male (men) are busy rehearsing for their 2020 spring concert series, “Connected”. The program includes songs that reflect the multiple ways that we can connect with one another: through nature, spirituality, family, past memories, children, humor, travel, social causes, friendship and music.

For The Noteables we have:

  • Prayer of the Children: A deeply moving prayer, by Kurt Bestor, dedicated to the innocent children of war-torn Bosnia, still relevant to suffering children today.
  • Riversong: "River, run me to the ocean, river, take me to the sea, river set my spirit free." How our lives parallel the cycles of the river.
  • I’ll Walk You Through the Rain: No matter what obstacles confront us, there is always a friend who will walk the journey with us.
  • Changes: A lively song, with rhythmic clapping and a powerful vocal call and response that reminds us that changing the world can start with just one person and then another, and another....
  • They All Laughed: Gershwin brothers’ humorous swing rendition of two people struggling to connect against all odds.
  • Defying Gravity: From the Broadway show “Wicked”. If we don’t connect with ourselves by following our heart and being true to ourselves, then how can we connect with others authentically?

For You’ve Got Male we have:

  • Inscription of Hope: The words inscribed on the wall of a cellar in Nazi Germany tell the story of the victims who never lost their connection with hope.
  • Heading Home: The light-hearted story of a wanderer who comes to the realization that home is calling him back.
  • Something's Coming/Tonight: Partner song from West Side Story. We never know what's coming, but that doesn’t stop us from continuing on our path. Sometimes it leads to an unexpected night of love.
  • If You’ve Only Got A Moustache: Stephen Foster’s hilarious song, given a bouncy, funky rhythm, explains that the way to connect with a woman is by having facial hair.
  • Sweet Baby James: James Taylor’s lullaby for his new born nephew of the same name, securing the bond between uncle and nephew.

The two choruses will combine to sing:

  • Connected: Fun to sing this a cappella number with all four parts weaving a message of connection with finger snaps and claps.
  • Rise! Seize the day. Rise to your greatest capabilities. An uplifting high energy song that encourages us to come together for change.
  • Tama Tu: A Maori proverb is presented in both chant and song with syncopated rhythm, interpreted as “ He who stands, lives; he who sits, suffers.”
  • He Knows the River Well: The lyrics examine longing for a friend who is no longer on the river due to a tragic accident. That the man is alive because his friends sang to him while he was in a coma is testimony to the healing power of music.
  • This Is My Word: Just as the rain brings the water to earth when it is dry, so the word of God brings the promise of hope, strength and faithfulness.
  • Toccata of Praise: An upbeat, celebratory song in praise of music as a universal language.
  • Sure On This Shining Night: Based on a text by poet, James Agee, the fragility of our connection with life, with nature, with spirit is revealed.

Concert Dates: May 1,2,3

For more information and to sign up, contact Linda Taylor, Artistic Director at 719 539-2428

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