The Noteables and You’ve Got Male Invite New Members

The Noteables (women) and You’ve Got Male (men) are recruiting singers for the 2019 spring season. No auditions required. Concert dates are May 3-5. The versatile program under the enthusiastic direction of Linda Taylor, will include songs by Simon and Garfunkel, Harry Belafonte and Josh Groban. Humorous selections, a little jazz, some calypso, inspirational songs that empower and spring ballads all communicate the theme of “Be the change you wish to see”. Oso Blanco will accompany us on drums and percussion.

What a variety of music we have this season!!

The Noteables will sing:

Big Sky: The yearning to find the place in the natural world that brings joy and fulfillment, in this case the expansive big sky of the West.
One For the Altos: a jazzy tribute to the altos in the chorus. Fun with lots of laughs.
Everybody Says Don’t: from the Steven Sondheim musical, Anyone Can Whistle. The catchy rhythm tells us to try, even if you fail, do daring things, break the rules and never look back.
Pebble In the Water: Contemplative song that describes the action of throwing an unkind word into the water and watching it spread. The question becomes "why not throw a kind word and watch it spread further?"
The Mystery of Our Gift: Josh Groban's song of gratitude for all those who have helped us to discover the hidden talents and gifts that we hold inside.
Changes: an upbeat a cappella song that reminds us there is trouble in the world and we better get going on making some changes. A choreographed clapping section too!

You’ve Got Male will sing:

Bring Him Home: From Les Miserables, a beautiful plea for Mario to return from war alive during the French revolution.
The Tale of Two Toads: Here is your funny number describing what happens when two toads fall into a bucket of cream contrasting the pessimistic toad with the optimist toad. Fun with lots of laughs and props.
Sea Gypsy: A bouncing song tells the story of a sailor yearning to go back to the carefree life of the sea where his heart lies despite the challenges the ocean presents.
Danny Boy: The familiar Irish tune in 4 parts. Absolutely exquisite harmonies.
Something’s Comin’/Tonight: From West Side Story. The anticipation of what’s ahead combined with the excitement of meeting his love later tonight.
Fight the Dragons: A man describes his life as one of conquering mountains, fighting dragons and climbing castle walls. The song takes a poignant turn when we realize he is talking to his son and telling him he will do this for him until he is old enough to fight his own dragons.

The two choruses will combine to sing:

Connected: a totally awesome a cappella upbeat round with the four voice parts weaving a message of “I am a part of you, you are a part of me, we are one family and one body.” We’re all in this together!!
Feelin’ Groovy: Jazz version of Simon and Garfunkel’s upbeat outlook on life
Songs In the Night: a beautiful, lyrical song of how music can get us through the chaos and challenges that we face each day.
Lean On Me/We Shall Overcome: a partner version of the two songs, weaving the message that when we work together and lean on each other we can overcome adversity
Turn the World Around: an upbeat song with a calypso rhythm by Harry Belafonte who takes us to the mountain, the fire, the water and the Spirit to find our place in life.
Journey On: Description of the journey we must all take to fulfill our purpose, to make a difference in the world and to achieve inner growth.

Rehearsals start:

You’ve Got Male: Tuesday, January 29, 6:00-8:00 pm

The Noteables: Thursday, January, 31, 5:30-7:30 pm

All rehearsals take place in the sanctuary at the Episcopal Church (across from the library) on 4th and E streets, Salida.

Concert Dates: May 3,4,5

Dress rehearsals are mandatory: Tuesday, April 23 and Tuesday, April 30 A more complete and detailed schedule will come with your music packets.

Dues: Sliding scale: $30.00-60.00, with financial assistance available from our treasury.

Absences: 3 allowed with a 4th one for emergencies. No auditions required.

For more information and to sign up, contact Linda Taylor, Artistic Director at 539-2428

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